Pangaia Cacao Ceremony

Following the official opening of the Origin Chocolate Event, Laura Shaneley Waya will lead a Pangaia Cacao Ceremony. Do not miss this unique happening. Seating is limited to 50 people!

Pangaia Cacao Ceremony

In this ceremony, guided by Laura Shanaley Waya we tune into the qualities of the heart, with the help of meditation, song, prayer, cacao and sharing.

Cacao has been used by the Maya in all of their rituals for hundreds of years as a plantteacher and as a vehicle for their medicines.

It has many heart opening qualities and we use that energy to enter the abundance in our hearts, so we can live more from that place.

The Pangaia Cacao Elixir

The Pangaia Cacao Elixir has a base of the following organic and all vegan ingredients :

Cacaopowder from Dominican republic, coconut cream & coconut sugar from Indonesia, maca, cinnamon, vanilla, chili, reishi, pinch of salt and essential oil of wild orange. We also add guayusa tea (like a amazonian green tea with 2 times more antioxidants ) for extra energy. The cacao elixir is strictly non-psychoactive, but for sure has uplifting effects on the psyche, you are being warned to feel goooood !

By consecrating it as a true plantteacher we get in touch with the mystery of nature, of love, and of ourselves.

About Laura Shanaley Waya

Laura is a passionate chocolatemaker (founder of Lovechock) who loves to combine her love for people, music, dance, song and cacao in a ceremony, to open hearts of people. She draws intuitively from her experience in yoga, shamanism and life. Currently she organizes the monthly Pangaia party in Club Lite, where she strives to let the modern dansculture meet with ancient shamanic elements.

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