70 inspiring activities in 7 halls

Please, note that the program is subject to change, and will be updated continuously up to the Origin Chocolate Event. If you have any comments or questions directly to the program, please contact us: info@originchocolate.eu

Maxima Theater: Cacao Ceremony, Chocolate Talks, Chocolate Concert, Chocolate Awards and more! - access for all
1Cacao ceremony: The Origin Chocolate Event will start with a cocoa meditation session by Lovechock's founder Laura Shanale Waye. Cacao has been used for centuries by the Mayas in all their rites. From birth to death, as a plant teacher and as an ingredient for medicinal herbs.Laura Shanale Waye 10.15Maxima Theater
2Chocolate talks: Chocolate Talks @Origin Chocolate Event! Have a seat in the Maxima Theatre, a beautiful auditorium and listen to short presentations given by chocolate experts and chocolatiers. They will tell you about cocoa, chocolate and sustainability. The Chocolate Talks are short talks of 10 minutes each. Chocolate talk 1: Sustainability of Chocolate production and bottlenecks Equipoise co-owner Jack Steijn explains the hordes that have to be taken in order to make chocolate truly sustainable.Jack Steijn 11.00Maxima Theater
3Chocolate talk 2: The secrets of chocolate making Meet one of the best chocolatiers from the Netherlands and owner of Krak Chocolate: Mark Schimmel. He will give you tips on how to get the fine flavor from chocolate.Mark Schimmel 11.15Maxima Theater
4Chocolate talk 3: Exclusive Cocoa varieties Emily Stone, owner of Uncommon Cocoa tells us about exclusive cocoa beans from Guatemala and other countries.Emily Stone 11.30Maxima Theater
5Chocolate concert: A unique improvisation by pianist Mike Ferro on the taste of original chocolate and music. This brilliant pianist has collaborated with many other jazz artists around the world. In the Netherlands, he has performed many times at The Royal Concertgebouw. Mike del Ferro 11.45Maxima Theater
6Chocolate talk 4: The effects of climate change on cocoa production Equipoise co-owner Caroline Lubbers explains what areas will be most affected by climate change and which areas may disappear soon. Caroline Lubbers  12.30Maxima Theater
7Chocolate talk 5: The Art of chocolate Making Mikkel Friis Holm -the most famous chocolate maker from Denmark- shows his arts on chocolate making.Mikkel Friis Holm 12.45Maxima Theater
8Chocolate talk 6: Direct and Transparent Trade Moyee is one of the Netherlands's most innovative companies in the field of direct and transparent trade. Mark Kauw explains how Moyee has become a fair chain coffee company. Mark Kauw 13.00Maxima Theater
9Interview about Ruby Chocolate with Clay Gordon This world-famous chocolate specialist was there in Shanghai at the presentation of this new 4th type of chocolate. Do chocolate makers love it or hate it? Clay Gordon 13.15Maxima Theater
10International Chocolate Awards, and presentations on award winning chocolates The International Chocolate Awards are the world's most prestigious prices for chocolate. For the first time, the awards will be presented at the Origin Chocolate Event by Martin Christy. Meet the winners and listen to their chocolate stories.Martin Christy 13.30Maxima Theater
11Engaged Chocolate Art by the Institute of Human Arts The Institute of Human Arts, founded by the Dutch artist Renzo Martens, has a project on chocolate sculptures and a museum in Congo. The project questions our (trade) relationship with Africa. The public will think about it for a long time.Renzo Martens 14.15Maxima Theater
12Bean to Bar Campaign interviews: Fair Trade Experts (Wouter Mensink, Socrates Schouten), Producers (Natalia Lopez Espinoza, Jan Schubert), Importers (Erik Sauer, Dennis van Essen), Retailers (Sabien Poutsma) and representatives from a labor union (Jos Hendriks, FNV) tell you why Bean to Bar chocolate is important. Listen to their mission to introduce Bean to bar chocolate to more people. 14.30Maxima Theater
13Chocolate talk 7: cocoa, chocolate and women empowerment KIT cocoa specialist Anna Laven tells you about her experiences to improve the position of women in the cocoa chain.Anna Laven 15.45Maxima Theater
14Chocolate talk 8: Arhuaco Chocolate from Colombia Original beans launch at the Original Chocolate Event a new bar made with Arhuaco cocoa beans from the Arhuaco people from the Sierra Nevada.Jan Schubert 16.00Maxima Theater
15Opera & Chocolate: In this unique and exciting "Diva Synesthesia" taste-performance, Diana Aivia sings 3 beautiful opera arias while you taste chocolates specially chosen to reflect and express the characters of the music. She creates a multi-sensory experience for her audience through a delightful combination of music, taste, visuals, movement, and thoughts.Diana Aivia 16.15Maxima Theater
16Spectacular closing presentation: Tasty Chocolate Desserts The two chocolate experts Clay Gordon and Kees Raat close the Origin Chocolate Event with an innovative subject. This will sharp your senses of taste! Kees Raat , Clay Gordon 16.45
Marble Hall: Chocolate market - access for all
1El Sauco was founded in 2007 by Erik Sauër with the aim of placing a special range of food specialties on the market. El Sauco has a broad collection bean-to-bar chocolates brands. Some of them award-winners. El Sauco is co-organizer of the Origin Chocolate Event. ElSauco Marble Hall
2The Highfive Company was founded in 2014 by Dennis van Essen with the aim of developing the European market for Taza Chocolate. Meanwhile, a number of other American artisan chocolate brands have been added to the range. The High Five Company is co-organizer of the Origin Chocolate Event.Dennis van Essen Marble Hall
3The Cacaomuseum in Amsterdam hosts a permanent exhibition of 'cacao and chocolate from the world'. At the Cacaomuseum you can find an unique selection of original chocolate and other chocolate products. Cacaomuseum is co-organizer of the Origin Chocolate Event.Cacaomuseum Marble Hall
4Main sponsor of the Origin Chocolate Event. Proecuador promotes cocoa and chocolate products from Ecuador. Pro Ecuador Marble Hall
5Ralph Hagen Chocolatier Master pastry chef specializing in original chocolate.Ralph Hagen Chocolatier Marble Hall
6Chocolate El Rey Delicious Venezuelan Chocolate and RumMariana de la Rosa Marble Hall
7Macao Movement Melting cocoa from the Dominican Republic with the Macao’s Starter Kit. Mix nuts or milk and make your own chocolate!Macao Movement Marble Hall
8Hoja Verde has a chocolate factory, located on the equator. Hoja Verde pays a high price to the cocoa farmers, creates work for the local population under good working conditions and creates more chocolate knowledge in Ecuador itself. Hoja Verde chocolate is biologically and kosher certified.Hoja Verde Marble Hall
9 Chocolate and coffee from Ecuador.Yucta Trade Marble Hall
10 Mark Schimmel chocolatier elaborates bean-to-bar chocolate from Belize, Vietnam, Guatemala, Colombia and Mexico.Krak Chocolade Marble Hall
11The products of Brick of Raw Chocolate are inspired by the six basic styles of Ayurveda principles. The cocoa beans are heated in low temperatures conserving all the good nutrients in the cocoa beans for an extra intense degustation!Arend van der Heijden Marble Hall
12The Institute of Chocolate Tasting is an educational organization that offers different courses and trainings to professionals, connoisseurs and people who are interested in taste cocoa and chocolate tasting experiences. The Institute of Chocolate Tasting was founded by Martin Christy of Seventy%, UK, Monica Meschini, Italy and Maricel Presilla, USA.Martin Christy Marble Hall
13The Chocolatemakers of Solkiki belong to the first bean-to-bar makers in Europe. They make fine-flavoured award-winning artisan chocolate made from special cacao beans. Solkiki Marble Hall
14UK fine flavor bean-to-bar chocolate makers. They buy cocoa beans direct from farmers where we can, pay them a premium price and then take a lot of time and care to make high-quality single-origin chocolate bars.Duffy’s Chocolate Marble Hall
15Red Ape was founded by Amigos International in collaboration with the Masarang Foundation. With the production of Red Ape Forest Sugar and origin chocolate, this foundation fights deforestation, extinction of animals and child poverty in Indonesia. Red Ape Marble Hall
16Chocolate that is nice to you and good for you. Raw Criollo Cacao combined with truly pure, unrefined creamy Coconut Blossom Nectar. Cococaravan Marble Hall
17Origin chocolate from the PhilippinesEstela Duque Marble Hall
18Moyee is one of the Netherlands's most innovative coffee companies in the field of direct and transparent trade. Moyee koffie Under the Arches
19The Institute for Human Activities. Unique chocolate sculptures from Congo. Under the Arches
20Original Beans was founded on a passion for making the finest origin chocolate and for replenishing what we consume. Original Beans Marble hall
21Drinking Chocolate Contest11:00-16:00Terras
Bestuurszaal: Sustainability and Trade - access with All-in ticket
1Cadmium levels research in Chocolate From 2018 onwards, in the EU there will be a lower limit for cadmium concentration in Origin Chocolate. This case study conducted for RIKOLTO (formerly: VECO Andino) shows surprising aspects of the problematics related with cadmium.Jonas Geeroms 10:30Bestuurszaal
2Can you buy a better world? Wouter Mensink, author of the book "Can you buy a better world?" gives a workshop on whether we can make the world a better place by changing our buying behavior.Wouter Mensink 11:30Bestuurszaal
3The many aspects of Awajun chocolate The activities of Proclimate and Progreso about Awajun Chocolate from Colombia, and the importance of chain transparency. Edmond Muller 12:30Boardroom
4Empowering indigenous farmers to preserve the Earth's rarest cacaos and their rainforest homes. The Arhuaco project in Colombia and the Zoque project in Mexico. Anders Prien , Jan Schubert 13:30Boardroom
5Growing cocoa in a food forest Together with environmental justice groups from poor and developing countries, Both ENDS works towards a sustainable, fair and inclusive world. Since a few years they implement the program “food forests”, today they conduct a workshop on “Growing cocoa in a food forest”. Maaike Hendriks 14:30Boardroom
6Cooperativas Sin Fronteras works in Origin 8 Latin American countries. In this session you can taste and learn about the chocolate produced in some of the cooperatives.Natalia Lopez Espinoza 15:30Boardroom
7Origin Chocolate made by women In many countries, most cocoa farmers are women. KIT cocoa specialist Anna Laven and Caroline Lubbers from Equipoise tell you about the role of women in the cocoa production. Anna Laven , Caroline Lubbers  16:30Boardroom
Emmazaal: Creavity - access with All-in ticket
1Do It Yourself chocolate and chocolate drinks Macao Movement launched in February 2017 two amazing products: liquid chocolate from Cocoa from the Dominican Republic and the Macao's Starter Kit Chocolate. Macao Movement 10:30Emma Hall
2Painting with Chocolate and Chocolate Tasting with Colour. In this workshop Hazel Lee and Laura Reiman show how to Taste With Colour and convert flavour into chocolate Art!Laura Reiman & Hazel Lee 11:30Emma Hall
3Music & Chocolate: Taste the music, and hear the chocolate. Synesthesia happens when the stimulation of one sense evokes a sensation in another, as when hearing a sound makes you see a color. Diana demonstrates and awakens this sensory experience with you, giving you a unique, exciting new way to enjoy chocolate!Diana Aivia 12:30Emma Hall
4Origin Honeycomb Chocolates Hans van Bragt from The Chocolate Cake Factory in Helmond shows how to make delicious chocolates mad of origin chocolate with different fillings, using of local honey from Brabant. Hans van Bragt 13:30Emma Hall
5Chocolate Blues and Latin Music Listen to live music by Laura Reiman, Mara Liem and Willy B. And they give a presentation on the relation between chocolate, blues and music from Latin America. Laura Reiman, Mara Liem, Willy B 14:30Emma Hall
6Short films about the origins of chocolate Suitable for young and old!Cacaomuseum 15:30Emma Hall
7Cacao, Chocolate and GastronomyHenkjan Laats 16:30Emma Hall
Raadzaal: Tastings 1 - access with All-in ticket
1Meet the maker: Pump Street Chocolate Unique, Award Winning Single Origin Bean to Bar Chocolate They already were masters of bread and pastries. Since a few years Pump Street focuses on quality chocolate. Along with only a few other UK producers, they are making small batch, handmade chocolate from beans imported directly from family farms and cooperatives around the world.Rob Sledmere 10:30Council Hall
2Meet the expert Martin Christy explains a new way to evaluate flavors: "Neural Sensory Tasting"Martin Christy 11:30Council Hall
3Origin chocolate from West-Africa. There is very little origin of chocolate coming from the West African countries where most cocoa is grown. This is changing slowly. Jack Steijn of Equipoise tells you more about this topic while you taste some of these chocolates.Jack Steijn 12:30Council Hall
4Meet the Maker: unique range of raw origin chocolate bars such as the Ashaninka Criollo Jacques Cop 13:30Council Hall
5Meet the maker: single bean varieties Mikkel Friis Holm, chocolatier from Denmark is Winnaar of many chocolate awards. During his presentation, he will explain us about single bean varieties and fermentation techniques.Mikkel Friis Holm 14:30Council Hall
6Meet the maker Duffy is an English chocolatier who approaches chocolate business from a scientific perspective. His Honduras Indio Rojo chocolate bar is a ‘golden’ winner from the prestigious Academy of Chocolate Award. Duffy’s Chocolate 15:30Council Hall
7Meet the maker Cocoa beans from an ancient Mexican tree. Cocoa specialist at Daanhouwer and chocolate maker from Krak Chocolate present chocolate made from ancient Mexican cocoa trees.Maria Salvadora Jimenez , Mark Schimmel 16:30Council Hall
Clauszaal: Tastings 2 - access with All-in ticket
1Hoja Verde Special bean to bar chocolate from Ecuador.Hoja Verde 10:30Clauszaal
2Estela Duque, Origin chocolate from the PhilippinesEstela Duque 11:30Clauszaal
3Brick of Raw Chocolate Peruvian origin chocolate made according to Ayurvedic philosophy.Arend van der Heijden 12:30Clauszaal
4TBD Origin chocolate pastry. Ralph Hagen Chocolatier 13:30Clauszaal
5Mike & Becky” is a new bean-to-bar chocolate Eldorado in Brussels. Besides selling best BtB brands from around the world, they produce their own bars from 5 different origins and they also run a hot-chocolate lounge. Björn will happily tell you all about itBjörn Beckers 14:30Clauszaal
6Retail session by Dennis van Essen of The Highfive Company (importer and distributor) and Marika van Santvoort: creating compatitive advantage with bean-to-bar origin chocolate. (professionals only).Dennis van Essen 15:30Clauszaal
7Mariana de la Rosa Venezuelan cocoa, chocolate and rum!Mariana de la Rosa 16:30Clauszaal
Mauritszaal: Pairings - access with All-in ticket
1Hortensius - Chocolate with honey10:00-18:00Maurits Hall
2El Rey - Chocolate with rumEl Rey 10:00-18:00Maurits Hall
3Bocca - Chocolate with coffeeBocca Coffee Roasters 10:00-18:00Maurits Hall
4Quiestea- Chocolate with tea10:00-18:00Maurits Hall
5Chocolate with whisky10:00-18:00Maurits Hall
6Chocolate with wine10:00-18:00
7Chocolate with beer10:00-18:00


Join us at the Origin Chocolate Event and find out more!
origin chocolate event program 2017

Tastings and masterclasses

Presentations, tastings and masterclasses will be held simultaneously in several halls. Once the programme is finalized it will be published here. Check back soon. In the marble hall, the central court, there will be different booths selling chocolate, drinks, chocolate tapas and more.

Want to take part in a chocolate tasting? Read here how they are organized!

Meet & greet

Dutch and international chocolatemakers will be there all day so you will have the opportunity to speak directly with them and found out their remarkable stories.

Indulge yourself

The Origin Chocolate Event offers a range of different activities. For anyone who loves real chocolate it is an absolute must; special presentations, meetings, debates and of course tastings of culinary delights made by top patissiers and chocolatiers. Experience origine chocolate with wine, beer, rum and other food combinations and learn everything you  ever wanted to know about origin chocolate.

What's on the program?

Chocolate market
In the Marble Hall you can taste and buy the best fine flavor chocolate and related products.


Chocolate talks
Cacao and chocolate specialist from all over the world present their marvelous experiences.


Meet the chocolatemakers
An unique experience to meet and talk with world’s best chocolate makers.

Tastings & Pairings
The Maurits Hall you can taste world’s best chocolates, and discover the surprising world of pairings of chocolate with other products such as coffee, tea, whiskey, wine, beer and cheese.

Sustainability and Direct Trade
In the Emma Hall, specialist present and discuss with the participants on how we can ensure the fairest and most sustainable chocolate.

Music & other arts
Experience chocolate with your five senses. Listen to piano improvisation with chocolate melting on your tongue. Furthermore: paintings, theatre, controversial art, videos and gastronomy.

Drinking Chocolates Contest
All visitors can participate and win prizes during the drink chocolate contest. What is the best origin drinking chocolate in the Netherlands?

Chocolate Awards
A ceremony for the prize winners of the International Chocolate Awards, and a presentation of their products.


Cacao Ceremony
Cacao, or Theobroma is the food of the gods. During the event cacao ceremonies will get you to higher spirits.

Learn to taste and to prepare during several workshops.

Kids Zone
The Bestuurszaal is the venue for entertaining and educative kids activities.

Several expositions: on slavery and on the world of cacao and chocolate.

Join us at the Origin Chocolate Event and find out more!