What is origin chocolate?

Origin Chocolate is made from cocoa beans out of one specific region. Just like coffee or wine it is a terroir product. Each cocoa has a specific signature, related to the region. The soil, climate and the knowledge of farmers determine the quality of the cocoa.

Did you know..?

cacao vruchten

Origin chocolate is made from the highest quality cocoa beans, directly traded with farmers, which means their living standards improve significantly since farmers get a better price for better quality cocoa.

cacao boeren

Origin chocolate is the worlds’ best quality chocolate made with the finest production methods.

cacao land

Origin chocolate is highly sustainable chocolate.

chocolate awards

There are prestigious, international awards where the best chocolates are being reviewed, many of these makers  will be present at the Origin Chocolate Event.

Each cocoa variety has its own flavour characteristics.

Many details distinguish good chocolate from excellent chocolate. Each cocoa variety has its own flavour characteristics. The experience of the chocolate maker is crucial to make a good chocolate out of the beans. As with good wine, you can taste the terroir of the beans. This gives the chocolate an unique flavour. Because of relatively small production, the chain is transparent. Bean-to-bar makers buy cocoa directly from farmers, which enables them to improve their living, unlike any mass-market chocolate.

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