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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you might have questions! Maybe you will find the answer below. If not please let us know via info@originchocolate.eu.

Where can I park my car?

There are many paid parking spaces round the Royal Tropical Institute. But keep in mind that it will be busy and a parking spot might be challenging to find. If possible, we advise you to come with public transport. If not, you can make a reservation with Moby Park for 3 euros per hour. Go here. Another option is Qpark Oostpoort where you pay € 12,- for the day. From there it is a 10-minute walk to the venue.

How does it work with the tastings?

The tastings are always a very popular event. We have almost 30 tastings that take 30 people each, but still it’s not enough for everyone to visit all the tastings they like. Due to limited availability it might not be possible to visit the tasting you want. Because we want that every visitor can attend at least one tasting, you get one voucher at the registration desk in the Marble Hall. It is possible to get one voucher per person for a free tasting. In order to avoid disappointment if the tasting of your choice is full, we advise you to come early. If you want to go to a second tasting, you cannot get a voucher. However you can wait to see if someone did not show up. First the visitors with a voucher go in, and if there are empty seats people who are waiting can go in (first come first serve). There are no guarantees. Read more about the tastings here.

All day there are free presentations in the Speakers Hall. We also give you the opportunity to buy a ticket for a paid tasting.

Why can I just buy just one ticket for a tasting?

Some tastings are very special. For example, they are given by a speaker who comes from far away or when alcohol is being served. We offer visitors an opportunity to buy a ticket in advance to take part in it. It is possible to buy one ticket for a tasting per person. This way we give as many visitors as possible the opportunity to attend this special tasting.

How much does a ticket cost at the door?

This costs € 16.50 per person. For a child between 12 and 18 years old you pay € 9, -. Children under the age of 12 have free access when accompanied by an adult. A ticket provides you all day access to the Marble Hall where you can meet the chocolate makers and experts and taste their special chocolate. Also, you can enter all day to all the interesting presentations in the Speakers Hall. In smaller spaces tastings going on. For this you can choose one voucher per person based on availability.

Are children welcome?

Certainly! But keep in mind that there are no special activities for children. But they can taste the chocolate and learn how the cocoa and chocolate industry works. This is very informative also for children!

Is the venue accessible for disabled people?

Yes. The Royal Tropical Institute is easily accessible for wheelchair users. There are stairs (at the main entrance and to the tasting rooms) but the lift can take you to all floors. Please let the organization know so that someone can guide you.