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Chocolate tastings

Every year the tastings are becoming a more popular part of the Origin Chocolate Event.  You can listen to the passionate stories of chocolate makers and experts, and get familiar with their exquisite chocolate. Or experience new tasting combinations during a chocolate pairing, for example with whisky, rum or special beer! There is so much to see, taste and discover.

During the day there are many exciting presentations in the Speakers Hall. The chocolate tastings are located in 4 separate tasting rooms.  Here, you can find information about the program, the exhibitors and the speakers.

Enjoy this day full of flavour and inspiration! Here is how the tastings are organised:

  • A ticket to the Origin Chocolate Event gives entry to the Marble Hall and the Speakers Hall (seats for 100 people), where free presentations and tasting of chocolate at the booths take place (no additional ticket needed). 
  • For the tastings in the tasting rooms you need to get a free ticket at the tasting desk in the Marble Hall. It is not possible to reserve tickets before the event.
  • We expect you can attend 1 tasting per person (upon availability). This way everyone gets to enjoy a tasting.
  • You may be able to attend more tastings according to a first-come-first-serve basis after the people with tickets entered the room first. We advise you to come early in the day, especially if there is a specific tasting you would like to attend (seats for max 30 people).
  • For some very special tastings we ask for a small fee of €4.50 per ticket in case you like to participate. You can buy these tickets online together with your ticket for the event from first week of October. Upon availability they can also be bought at the tasting desk. Tickets are non-refundable. 
  • In some of the tastings chocolate is combined with alcohol. This is clearly marked on the program. If you are under 18 years old you cannot participate in this tasting.

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