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The International Chocolate Awards is an independent competition that recognises excellence in fine chocolate from around the world. The best origin chocolates have been awarded. Taste them and meet some of the winners of the International Chocolate Awards at the Origin Chocolate Event.

The Winners of the 2015 European finals 

Dark plain/origin chocolate bars:

Friis-Holm (Denmark) – Chuno 70 % – Double Turned

Milk plain/origin chocolate bars:

Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Surabaya

Special awards dark plain/origin chocolate bars:

Directly traded: Friis-Holm (Denmark) – Friis-Holm Nicaliso 70 %- Double Turned

Chocolate maker: Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Vale do Juliana

Organic: Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Vale do Juliana

Special awards milk plain/origin chocolate bars:

Directly traded: Duffys (United Kingdom) – Duffy’s Nicaragua Oh Chuno!

Chocolate maker: Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Surabaya

Organic: Omnom (Iceland) – Madagascar 66%


The Winners of the 2014 World finals 

Dark plain/origin chocolate bars:

Gold: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Montubia 70%

Silver: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Raw 70%

Silver: Bonnat Chocolatier (France) – Kaori

Silver: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Piura – Quemazon 70%

Silver: CACAOSUYO (Peru) – Lakuna

Silver: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Lacumbia 70%

Silver: Pacari Chocolate (Ecuador) – Tangara 70%

Bronze: Soma Chocolate (Canada) – Peru Nacional

Bronze: Friis-Holm (Denmark) – Johe 70% ( * Bonnat, France)

Bronze: Friis-Holm (Denmark) – Nicaliso 70% ( * Bonnat, France)

Bronze: Omnom (Iceland) – Madagascar 66 %