“Share the passion of tasting the worlds’ most fine flavoured chocolate with us!”

Our mission 
We want to put origin chocolate on the map and create awareness for the delicate fine flavour and sustainable cocoa production chain. We want to enhance the visibility of the passionate chocolate makers behind the origin products so that everyone can experience their fantastic chocolate. Together with many enthusiastic chocolate makers, experts, ambassadors and volunteers we make The Origin Chocolate Event a unique happening.


Erik Sauër – Agricultural engineer and founder of el Sauco– worldwide food specialties. Importer and distributor of origin chocolatePeople looking for depth in taste will experience a journey on their tongue when they are trying origin chocolates. As origin chocolate makers work on their skills continuously, the quality of these origin chocolates improve every year. Knowing that without excellent cocoa beans you can’t make an excellent chocolate, origin chocolate makers are always in search of better and more special beans. Besides, they see the merit of training and supporting their suppliers, the farmers. For cacao farmers this means that they have the opportunity to become part of a quality chain, which improves their economic position in a sustainable way.

Caroline Lubbers – Marketeer in fine flavour, Founder of Equipoise which also organizes Chocoa
Discovering the taste of the many origins is like traveling through the world of cacao. I like blind tastings best, where you focus on the rich taste of chocolate and discover many flavours. It is about the passion of these chocolatemakers to make the best chocolate and their support to small farmers producing the finest quality of cacao. Excellence in every part of production. And this deserves slow tasting!

Henkjan Laats – Owner Cacaomuseum, director Cross Cultural Bridges.
“Cacao can play a crucial role in the preservation of rainforests. The unique flavors of each origin chocolate connect us with the people and forests where it is grown.”

Dennis P. Van Essen – Founder & owner of The Highfive Company – Importer & European distributor of Taza and other American made craft bean-to-bar chocolate.
There is so much to explore and discover in the world of origin chocolate, it is an endless journey. Since my introduction to origin chocolate in 2014 I am intrigued enormously and are developing myself as much as possible in order to introduce this – for most people – unknown product category to the general public.


Anna Laven – Senior advisor at KIT and the author of ‘Chocolate Forever’
As a consultant, using the chain perspective was a starting point. By working together to identify chain actors and interactions, we can bring to light the opportunities for local economic development that are created by the chain, as well as its limitations. I also like to help people working in the field to write down their experiences. Documenting knowledge is a powerful tool. It helps the person with experience to get his or her knowledge across. At the same time, by systematizing knowledge, it makes it easier for others to learn from another’s experience. And the beauty of it is that we as facilitators also continue to learn! As a knowledge institute with expertise in the field of sustainable cocoa, KIT is looking forward to participating. We’re pleased to contribute our expertise to the Origin Chocolate Event, which draws attention to sustainable cocoa.

Vera Hofman – Chocolate expert
In 1997 I first discovered a bar of origin chocolate. My curiosity was immediately aroused and since then has only increased. The first few years it was a true sport to find good chocolate, lately, to my delight, there’s been an explosion of bean-to-bar-makers processing the most unique types of cocoa into beautiful aromatic chocolates. Not only all the different cocoa varieties, but also the various ways of producing significantly affect the taste. This ensures an endless taste experience, thus a true feast for the connoisseur!  Fortunately,  the cocoa sector more and more realizes that we should focus on sustainability. Let’s all work together to ensure that many generations after us can also enjoy the ‘food of the gods’!

Jack Steijn – Founder of Equipoise, Member of the board of Chocoa and President of the International Technical Committee developing a new ISO standard for sustainable and traceable cocoa
As consumers are more and more interested in the origin of their food, origin chocolate has a high market potential, offering the consumer not only insight in the origin but also good quality, with a wide variety of aroma’s. The Origin Chocolate Event has a very important role to inform the consumer about the rich experience that comes with eating origin chocolate.

Marika van Santvoort – Moving Cocoa Consultancy , consultant and organizer of chocolate tastings & events
The world of fine flavour chocolate is small, but becoming bigger every year. I am proud to take part in the organization of the Origin Chocolate Event. It’s successful because of the network of extremely passionate people from all around the world that meet up here yearly, and get in contact with the real chocolate lovers. The combination between excellent chocolate due to sharp participation criteria, it’s educative character and the focus on fine flavour chocolate, make it unique in the world.


KTC Magazine – Climate, terroir and the care of the farmers is what eventually results in great tasting origin coffee, tea and chocolate. Apart from the great taste this results in the best stories as well. Stories about passion, ideals and quality. These are the ingredients of KTC magazine.

Pro Ecuador – Pro Ecuador is the formal Trade and Investment Promotion Organization of the Republic of Ecuador, responsible to promote the Ecuadorian Exports and Investments; operating under the umbrella of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Trade, with the objective of enhancing the competitiveness of Ecuador as a preferred trading and investment partner. Pro Ecuador has more than 32 Overseas Trade Offices, focusing on research, trading and international business development bridging the Ecuador economy with the Globe. As a proud cocoa producing country, Pro Ecuador will be present, bringing with them their national pride: the Arriba.

The Cacaomuseum – The Cacaomuseum in Amsterdam has a permanent exposition on the “world of cacao and chocolate”, has an unique assortment of origin chocolate and other chocolate products, and organizes activities such as expositions, research, education, cooking, workshops and tours.

high five company

The Highfive Company – The Highfive Company was founded by Dennis van Essen in 2014 with the purpose of developing the European market for Taza Chocolate. Since then other premium American Craft Chocolate brands have been added to the portfolio and The Highfive Company has developed into one of the main distributors of bean-to-bar origin chocolate in the Netherlands and other European countries. The Highfive Company actively promotes origin Chocolate and is initiator and organizer of chocolate tastings, the Secret Chocolate Lounge, masterclasses and retailer events. www.thehighfivecompany.com

Royal Tropical Institute  The Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) aims to improve health and ensure equitable social-economic development as much as promote intercultural cooperation with our partners worldwide. They focus on results and empowering people with research, advice, training and education.

el sauco origin chocolate import

El Sauco – El Sauco was set up by Erik Sauër in 2007 with the purpose to offer food specialties with an authentic taste, cultural value and produced with consideration for people and planet. el Sauco develops innovative approaches to promote single origin products with fairs, events, tastings, workshops, art activities and more.

Equipoise – Markets in Balance. Equipoise is involved in several projects aimed at increasing the share of sustainable cocoa and chocolate, developing innovative contributions to the sustainability of the production supply chains. Equipoise is founded by Jack Steijn and Caroline Lubbers.

we make The Origin Chocolate Event a unique happening

Join us on 21-10 at the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.