Origin Chocolate Event

Want to know how origin chocolate tastes?

Origin Chocolate is just like the world’s best wines. You can taste the terroir of the cacao beans in origin chocolate. Each cacao variety has its own flavour characteristics. Delicate and rich flavours of the best origin chocolate has made them award winning chocolate.

The award-winning chocolate makers of the world will travel to Amsterdam on October 23, 2013 for this special event at the Royal Tropical Institute. Amsterdam, the city with the largest cocoa port in the world, this day will be dedicated to so-called origin chocolate: chocolate of the finest quality cocoa from a specific region
As many as fourteen award-winning makers and experts will be present to showcase their products and gourmet chocolate to taste to the public. These cocoa gurus have won awards at the International Chocolate Awards, which in the chocolate world is comparable to winning an Oscar.

Visit the Origin Chocolate Event on 23 October in Amsterdam!

*Meet the world’s most renowned chocolate makers and experts
*Experience fine flavour, 100% sustainable chocolate in a beautiful location
*Taste many origin chocolates by top patissiers and chocolatiers
*Combine wine and food pairings with origin chocolate in free tastings
* Enjoy an unique Origin Chocolate dinner , see menu the here

Buy your tickets on our ticket page. Next to the programme, between 18.15 and 19.45 the Origin Chocolate dinner will be served, tickets for the dinner are for sale online until October 20th.

For an impression of last year’s event, see the video below.