JOIN the Origin Chocolate Event
on October 22nd in Amsterdam

Origin chocolate. Revolutionary chocolate.


Origin chocolate is just like the world’s best wines. You can taste the quality and the terroir of the cocoa beans. Each cocoa variety has its own specific flavour characteristics. Delicate and rich flavours of the best origin chocolate made by international award winning chocolate makers. Taste the quality of origin chocolate and meet the makers of your favorite chocolate at the Origin Chocolate Event on 22nd October 2016 in the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, the city with the largest cocoa port in the world, will this day be dedicated to origin chocolate: chocolate made of the finest quality cocoa from one specific region. As many as 25 award-winning chocolatemakers and experts will be present to showcase and sell their products. These cocoa gurus have won awards at the International Chocolate Awards, which in the chocolate world can be compared to winning an Oscar! See the program or find more about the speakers.

In October there will be a unique 3 course chocolate menu available in the new Grand café de Tropen, right next to the Royal Tropical Institute. You have the opportunity to experience this unique chocolate diner. Every year the diner is becoming more popular, so make sure that you reserve your seats in time at the Grand café de Tropen



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Meet some of the most renowned chocolate makers and experts in the world


Experience 100% sustainable chocolate at a beautiful location in Amsterdam


Taste many origin chocolates by top patissiers and chocolatiers


Learn about single origine and fine flavour chocolate during presentations given by experts


Combine wine and food pairings with origin chocolate in free tastings


Get swept of your feet during the special 3 course chocolate diner

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